Arbitration is private judging. Arbitration is more formal and restrictive than mediation, but gives you flexibility you will not get in a court of law. 
With arbitration, one or three arbitrators hear(s) the case. Similar to going to court, each side may submit legal briefs, take discovery, and usually will present live testimony. The biggest difference is that the parties have much more of a say in the process: they can agree to forego certain expensive aspects of litigation, and they have much more control over when the dispute will be decided. Because you are in essence hiring a “private judge” who works for the parties, not the government, you get to set many of the rules.
The bottom line is, in arbitration you can control more of the process and timing, but it can still be expensive, and a third party is making the final decision. It is a middle ground between mediation and litigation in a court of law.



In businesss law cases, arbitration is commonly used for:

  • Arriving at a final decision more quickly.  Parties can schedule hearings at their own convenince without waiting for the availability of a judge.  The parties can receive quick interim rulings on matters such as Discovery, rather than simply waiting months for a judge to hear their issues.
  • Simplifying Discovery, which is less expensive than going to court.
  • Privacy – proceedings are confidential.  Only the arbitrator's final decision becomes part of the public court record and only then if the decision is filed with the court.

Mr. Baum is experienced in deciding many types of cases, such as environmental, real estate, contract, consumer product and divorce property settlement disputes. In addition to his private sector cases, Mr. Baum has served as the highest judicial officer for a federal government agency, for which he judged and issued opinions in numerous cases. His arbitration services are less expensive–by about 50%– than arbitrators hired through national arbitration associations.
With Mr. Baum as your arbitrator, you get his undivided attention in a solid block of time, and not just scattered hearing days, scheduled weeks or months apart. He gives you complete arbitration services, including as a standard feature, full written opinions. As as arbitrator, Mr. Baum believes in your entitlement to hearings and opinions when you need them.