Expect Complete Arbitration Services From Attorney Baum

Expect Complete Arbitration Services From Attorney Baum

Hire the Law Offices of Robert L. Baum for arbitration in Rockville, MD

Arbitration is an excellent option for those looking to solve a dispute in a way that is more formal than mediation, but more flexible than litigation. When you choose arbitration, you can submit legal briefs and present live testimony, but you can set many of the rules for how the arbitration will proceed. Begin your arbitration in Rockville, MD with the Law Offices of Robert L. Baum.


You can trust attorney Baum to provide legal guidance for the following types of arbitration:

  • Business law arbitration—come to a business decision without waiting for a judge to become available.
  • Family law arbitration—divide your personal assets without going through the troubles of litigation.

The Law Offices of Robert L. Baum in Rockville, MD has the training and experience to decide many types of business and family law cases, including environmental, real estate, contract, consumer product and divorce property settlement disputes.

Call attorney Baum today to go over the details of your case.

With arbitration, you can control the process and timing of your case. You can also:

  • Decide against certain expensive aspects of litigation.
  • Keep more information confidential.
  • Control when an agreement for the dispute will be decided.

You can expect attorney Baum’s undivided attention when it comes to your case. You won’t have to deal with scattered hearing days scheduled weeks or months apart. Attorney Baum ensures your case will receive a solid block of time. He offers complete arbitration services that include full written opinions as a standard feature. 
His arbitration services are about 50% less expensive than the cost of arbitrators hired through national arbitration associations. Contact his law office today for professional arbitration services in Rockville, Maryland.