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Recording on Cell Phone Does Not Violate Wiretap Laws

Maryland is a two party consent state for purposes of recording another person. That is, you are not permitted to record someone in Maryland without the other party’s consent. However, there is a little known, huge exception to that rule—recordings made on cell phones.

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Alimony Does Not Necessarily End upon Retirement of The Wage Earner

A common misconception is that alimony will automatically end when the person paying the alimony retires. Unless the settlement agreement specifically provides for alimony termination upon retirement, recent cases in hold that alimony will continue, although perhaps at a reduced amount.

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Unhappy With Your Litigated Divorce Matter? Change Course!

Litigation should be the last, not the first dispute resolution process that clients should use. I came upon the following blog, which I thought was applicable to many cases where the lawyer has steered the client to litigation to the client’s regret.

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Maryland Eliminates Waiting Time for Some Uncontested Divorces; No Separation Required

The Maryland General Assembly approved, and the Governor is expected to sign, legislation which would eliminate the waiting period for an uncontested divorce from the current period of one (1) year. The change will be effective October 1, 2015.

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It Takes Two to Fight But Only One to Change the Relationship

Divorcing and divorced parents who work toward improving their relationship, can become free from the past faster and create a more stable, productive and enjoyable home life in which to raise healthier and happier children.

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Is It Possible to Have a Win-Win Divorce?

In conflicts ranging from military battles to corporate wars to divorce, there's usually a winner and a loser. In fact, we are conditioned to believe from an early age that when we come into conflict, there must be a victor who defeats another. So what do mediators mean when they say everybody wins in mediation?

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Child Support and Alternative Calculations for Child Support

In Maryland, when the Circuit Court determines child support, depending on the total combined gross income of both parents, it uses an algebraic formula commonly referred to as “child support guidelines.” The formula considers the number of children, the income of each parent, and the percentage of time the children are in each parent’s care and other expenses paid by each parent, such as work-related child care and health insurance.

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10 Thoughts for Divorcing Parents

Pat knew divorce was inevitable. It was a matter of WHEN? After the children are past the age of 5? 8? 10? 14? They had all tried to keep the family together, but they were individually coming apart at the seams….

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