Overview- Business Law Attorney

Overview- Business Law Attorney

Bob brings a unique business law background to his clients

While in law school he bought a commercial radio station which introduced him to real world of regulations, accounting and lawsuits. After graduating from one of the top ranked U.S. law schools he joined a major commercial litigation law firm. He litigated a variety of cases, including intellectual property (copyright and trademark infringement, unfair competition), employment discrimination, breach of contract, partnership disputes and environmental claims. He also became the primary attorney for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics licensing program (the first Olympics to make a profit) and trademark/copyright enforcement director. After the Olympics he joined a major downtown Washington D.C. lawfirm where he concentrated on intellectual property and health care litigation. Among his clients were the Washington Post Company, World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and numerous apparel companies.

After the 1992 election, President Clinton fulfilled Bob’s dream by appointing him to be the chief legal counsel to the U.S Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Bob loves the outdoors and animals). For five years Bob handled sensitive national issues, including endangered species, land use, 5th Amendment takings, 1st Amendment free speech, contract matters, and even technology transfer cases. In recognition of his ability to resolve difficult disputes, President Clinton appointed him as chief judge and dispute resolution specialist for the U.S Department of the Interior (where he established the Department’s dispute resolution/mediation program), Gov. Glendening chose him to chair Maryland’s medical privacy council (composed of 29 diverse and potentially contentious members), and Governor O’Malley appointed him to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, where he served as Vice-Chair.

Bob helps businesses to negotiate and resolve disputes, and is particularly noted for helping companies break impasses and come to creative resolutions. Bob will become involved in business disputes as a negotiator for a company, mediator, arbitrator, or collaborative lawyer. But he is very discerning about what business cases he will litigate. Most business litigation is unnecessarily expensive, primarily because of discovery expenses, and he’d rather not be involved in racking up large litigation fees when the overwhelming likelihood (about 95% chance) that the case will settle and most of the legal fees for litigation will turn out to be unnecessary. Therefore, while he is pleased to help companies to resolve any issues—either as a negotiator for a client, collaborative law attorney, mediator or arbitrator—he only accept commercial cases for litigation if the case is particularly interesting or challenging. He will however accept virtually all business cases to mediate, arbitrate or to serve as a collaborative lawyer.


Why hire Bob to handle a business dispute?

Bob has over 30 years in helping companies to productively negotiate and resolve disputes. His diverse background is enormously helpful because he has seen such a variety of factual and legal issues. He therefore is able to look at a business issue through a variety of angles, whereas many attorneys involved in business disputes have narrow experience or focus.

I see that Bob has a large family law practice. Does that help him in business disputes?

Absolutely. First, independent of his family practice, he has years of experience in resolving business disputes. Second, many business disputes, particularly partnership break-ups, employment and business to consumer matters have emotional issues common to family law cases. Third, family law cases can involve complicated business issues, with the added difficulty of the emotional components, so that his ability to resolve family matters enhances his skills in resolving business law matters.

I want to sue another company. Should I contact Bob or someone who only litigates business cases?

Bob will give you the options that you need to resolve your issue in the most cost effective manner. A business litigator is likely to give you a one-shoe-fits-all approach of file-first, negotiate later. Approximately 95% of litigated cases settle without trial, so what you need is someone who can negotiate for you, like Bob. Someone who primarily litigates maybe great in the courtroom but statistically the strong likelihood is that he will never use his skills in court because your case will settle-but only after you have spent tens of thousands of dollars in litigation expenses. Bob has vast experience both litigating and negotiating and will work with you to resolve your dispute in the most cost effective manner. For Bob, litigating is usually the last resort, whereas a business litigator usually sees that as the attorney’s first choice and therefore you can end up paying significantly more for someone’s litigating skills that will go unused.

Contact Bob if you are facing the following:

  • The selection and formation of the right business entity
  • Understanding computer and trademark law
  • Establishing a business plan
  • Understanding state and federal tax and insurance laws governing small businesses
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • The need to terminate or transfer your business
  • Selling or purchasing a small business
  • Arbitration or mediation in a business dispute
  • Civil litigation