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Robert L. Baum's practice is dedicated to helping individuals, families and businesses with the highest quality of personal legal services available. Mr. Baum's has a reputation of having a loyal relationship with his clients, founded on extensive experience, availability and integrity.
Throughout the years, Mr. Baum continues to thrive as a leader in his field.  He will explain and  provide you with the most appropriate way to resolve your legal concern, using the most appropriate time and cost effective method to resolve your legal issues – mediation, collaborative law, arbitration or litigation.

Mr. Baum is experienced in deciding many types of cases, such as divorce, property settlement and real estate, contract, consumer product, and environmental disputes. In addition to his private sector cases, Mr. Baum has served as the highest judicial officer for a federal government agency, for which he judged and issued opinions in numerous cases. His arbitration services are less expensive–by about 50%– than arbitrators hired through national arbitration associations.

 Whatever your legal needs may be, Mr. Baum offers a service that will always meet or exceed your expectations.

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