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Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

Resolve Your Dispute Without a Trial

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) refers to any means of settling a dispute without a trial but usually refers to mediation, arbitration, neutral fact-finding, neutral case evaluation, and med-arb (a combination of mediation and arbitration). A new form of ADR, known as "Collaborative Law," is quickly being recognized as the best way of resolving many disputes. Mr. Baum has extensive experience in the collaborative law process as a leading family law attorney in Rockville, MD.

ADR can be used anytime, even after litigation has started. Maryland courts, particularly in Montgomery County, are routinely ordering ADR during the litigation process. Mr. Baum often recommends starting with ADR early in the family law dispute resolution process, saving his clients time, expense, and the conflict of a litigated trial.

Litigation lawyer Robert Baum wants to start with ADR in order to avoid any kind of litigation. His belief is that a dispute should not go to trial unless absolutely necessary, so Mr. Baum tries to begin with mediation services whenever possible.

Speak with a Family Law Attorney located in Rockville, MD & serving all of Maryland, particularly Montgomery, Frederick, Prince Georges, Howard and Anne Arundel Counties. to arrange for mediation or arbitration from a skilled neutral or for representation.

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See How You Can Avoid Litigation

What are the Advantages Of ADR?

Family of Three being consulted by a lawyerGiven the right circumstances, there are numerous benefits attributed to ADR. Choose a family law attorney practicing ADR because...

  • It is quicker than going through a trial, thereby reducing the stress and uncertainty that occurs during months and sometimes years of litigation.

  • Dispute resolution usually costs less than litigation.

  • It offers more certainty than litigation because there are no appeals.

  • It offers more flexibility in getting to a resolution because you set the rules.

  • Any ADR processes can be confidential, unlike litigation where many private facts can become public information.

  • Through alternative dispute resolution, you can address issues that a court cannot consider, and your case can be settled with creative solutions that the court on its own would not order.

Reach out to the Law Offices of Robert L. Baum to see if ADR is right for your family law matter.