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Collaborative Law Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

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Businesspeople shaking handsThe collaborative law process is a new and efficient way to settle family law issues like divorce, child custody, and property settlement. Collaborative law involves negotiation, so there’s no formal discovery, motions, or trial.

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Why Collaborative Law?

About 95-97% of all separation and divorce cases settle before trial. Several years ago, some family litigation lawyers in Minnesota decided that negotiation could avoid the need for litigation and help clients save time, money, and heartache.

How is Collaborative Law Different?

In the collaborative law process, you make decisions rather than a judge or an arbitrator. And unlike mediation, negotiation takes place with family law attorneys or divorce coaches providing support. Plus, parties in a collaborative law case…

  • Must sign an agreement that prevents their attorneys from litigating their case

  • Usually, meet with their attorneys at conferences

  • Must cooperate to reach a settlement

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