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Facilitation Attorney Rockville, Maryland

Could Your Family or Organization Benefit From Facilitation?

It's a Good Way to Resolve Disputes where there are numerous stakeholders.

Couple meets with an attorney and shakes her handFacilitation is a type of group mediation. It's often useful for families who need to make tough decisions about a family member such as guardianship or will contests, or who would like to discuss LGBT issues in a structured setting. Attorney Baum of the Law Offices of Robert L. Baum can provide facilitation services to help your loved ones work through a family law issue.

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Considering Facilitation?

Attorney Baum Is Well-Qualified

Attorney Baum was one of the top 24 mediators chosen by the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office of the Maryland Court of Appeals for court-approved facilitation training. He was one of the few family law attorneys in this group.

In family facilitation, Attorney Baum can...

  • In family facilitation, attorney Baum can...

  • Lead small break-out sessions to gauge your loved ones' stances on an issue.

  • Compile a list of options for the group to consider.

  • Give your loved ones ample time to talk.

To learn more about family facilitation, contact the Law Offices of Robert L. Baum in Rockville, MD today.