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Family Mediation Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

Control the Outcome of Your Family or Spousal Dispute

Turn to The Law Offices of Robert L. Baum for Divorce Mediation in Rockville, MD

Concerned Couple Listening to a Mediator You and your spouse have hired lawyers to deal with your divorce. Is it worth it to bring in another lawyer to lead your mediation? It is if that lawyer is Attorney Baum of the Law Offices of Robert L. Baum in Rockville, MD.

Attorney Baum has a wealth of experience in divorce mediation. He has received numerous awards as a top mediator in Maryland. As a neutral, non-judgmental mediator, he'll help parties on both sides of the dispute identify their interests and find acceptable solutions. Turn to Attorney Baum for a civilized, non-threatening environment to conduct your mediation.

Why Choose Mediation?

Divorce mediation has a number of advantages over litigation and other forms of ADR. With mediation, you can:

  • Spend less money than you would on other forms of dispute resolution.

  • Resolve your dispute quickly.

  • Determine your own outcome instead of a lawyer or other third party doing it for you.

  • Terminate the mediation at any time.

  • Maintain a cordial relationship with the other party.

  • Come up with an agreement that is more creative than solutions a court will come up with.

Attorney Baum is trained to spot issues and anticipate problems. With over 30 years of experience, he knows how to develop an agreement that a court will accept. Don't let a judge make important business or family decisions for you. If you live in Montgomery County, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, or Bethesda, get in touch with Attorney Baum in Rockville to learn all about the mediation process.

Put Your Family's Future in Capable Hands

Mediation: The Most Common Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Divorce mediation is a form of a guided dialogue between the parties, with the mediator keeping the discussion civil and focused. Most importantly, the mediation lawyer is not the decision-maker, the parties are.

Mediation services have several advantages over litigation or other forms of ADR:

  • Mediation is the least expensive form of formal dispute resolution;

  • Mediation is usually the quickest way to resolve your dispute;

  • You determine the outcome, not the mediation lawyer or other third party;

  • The agreement is not effective until you sign the agreement;

  • You can terminate the mediation at any time;

  • The mediation process focuses on the future and a resolution that suits both parties;

  • You can use mediation services while retaining your dignity and self-respect; you have crafted your own solution, rather than being dragged through the mud and having someone else (a judge) tell you what to do;

  • Studies show that the other side is more likely to comply with an agreement he or she has helped create through mediation, thereby reducing the stress and expense of post-judgment conflict;

  • You can write an agreement with much more creative solutions than a court can or will. To paraphrase one judge, 'Why would you trust a stranger (the judge) to make your most important decisions for you?'